BCS Fitness utilizes fitness tech, data to guide successful fitness programs

Bryan-College Station Fitness

38204137_2266658670015862_8556889650495488000_oBCS Fitness: Data is important. We all want to see progress and make sure we are at the appropriate level of making strides towards BETTER…

• intensity
•cardiorespiratory exercise
•muscular endurance

The questions is…do you have the best tracking tool?

Let us introduce you to MYZONE. 🤩

The benefits that this easy-to-use monitor have on your training are unmatched.

MyZone allows you to be completely aware of how hard you are working AND reward you with visible RESULTS either on our monitors or on your phone. It also gives you a fun and competitive points system to keep you motivated along the way!

MYZONE is the only accurate monitoring device that allows you to track CALORIES, HEART RATE, and EFFORT.

From our coaches prospective, being able to track a clients exercise intensity, caloric expenditure, and heart rate recovery, all in real time, during every session, allows us to properly…

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