Fall Semester Tech Tips and Tidbits

Who says the start of a new semester has to be stressful? With these simple tips, you’ll be set to BTHO classes!
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Online Tech Tools

  • Study from anywhere with Virtual Open Access Lab
    Want to stay cozy in bed while getting work done? Remotely connect to OAL computers from your PC or Mac. Once logged in, the OAL software and your H: drive are available as if you were in an on-campus computer lab.
  • Collaborate online through WebEx
    Communicate in real time using video, chat and voice conferencing from practically any device. Easily share your desktop and files, present PowerPoints, poll participants and much more. Get started with WebEx today.
  • Print on the go with AggiePrint
    Short on time? Print study guides and last-minute assignments from any mobile device by visiting AggiePrint.tamu.edu.

Handy Computer Shortcuts

  • Easily select text to be highlighted and avoid dragging your cursor ever again (especially for long text highlights): Begin with the cursor at the desired start point, then press Shift and click on the ending point.
  • Open a PowerPoint file in presentation mode directly: Right click the file, then select “show.”
  • Use the mouse as a laser pointer in PowerPoint: Hold down Ctrl + Left click. Mouse cursors are too mainstream.

Avoid the panic

  • Having Tech Issues? Help is available 24/7. Help Desk Central (HDC) is always ready to assist with your technology questions or problems! Reach HDC by phone at 979.845.8300, via email at helpdesk@tamu.edu, through online chat at hdc.tamu.edu, or in person at the Computing Services Center, Room CS00.
  • Accidently send an email to the wrong person? “Undo send” your mail in Gmail. 
    By enabling the “Undo Send” option on in your Gmail settings, you can retract an unread message right after it is  sent. Learn more from this Google Support Posting.

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