Tech Hacks to Improve Life at Texas A&M

College life can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to managing school, work and a social life. These tech hacks will make it easier to juggle everything and stay organized.


Keep Your Accounts Secure
Duo Two-Factor Authentication

  • Just Duo-IT! Soon, all students will be required to have Duo Two-Factor Authentication on their accounts. Why not mark if off your list today?! Download the Duo Mobile App now.

Save Time When Life’s on the Go
Park Mobile

  • Skip the line at the pay station! The Real Time Visitor Parking Garage page shows how many spaces are available in campus parking garages. Next time you’re driving to the library, check the Transportation Services website to see where to park.

Ofo Bike Sharing

  • Ofo blends technology with everyday accessibility to provide convenient campus transportation. Take these three simple steps to get from the parking garage to class in a breeze:
    1. Download Ofo to locate a rental bike near you.
    2. Once you find a bike, click “unlock” on the app and scan the bike’s QR code.
    3. At the arrival of your destination, leave the bike on a bike rack and lock it to end your ride.

AggiePrint Mobile Printing

  • Waiting in line for printing can take ages! Luckily, AggiePrint allows you to skip the line and print on-the-go from any mobile device. Log in to to create your account and get started today.

Get Rewarded for Everyday Tasks

  • Hooked is a free (yes free!) app that updates you with everyday food and beverage deals in the College Station area. Save money and treat yourself to something tasty with this savvy app.

Safe 2 Save

  • Earn points and win prizes for driving without distractions by using the Safe 2 Save app. Safe 2 Save partners with local businesses like Chick-fil-A, Grub and Mad Taco, where you can redeem your points for discounts!

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